User Benefits
  • Improve Your Speech Discrimination

    Research performed at Washington University in St. Louis has shown that playing the clEAR auditory brain training games leads to better speech discrimination, which is your ability to recognize words accurately. Research also has shown that clEAR auditory brain training reduces the amount of mental effort that it takes to understand words, which means that listening won’t be so exhausting.

  • Receive Support from a Hearing Healthcare Professional

    By working with a clEAR Hearing Healthcare Provider, you can develop a precise training plan that not only targets your biggest communication concerns, but that also provides you with an entertaining way to enjoy and engage yourself in the process of aural rehabilitation.

  • Be More Relaxed and Feel More Confident in Your Ability to Understand What People Are Saying

    Research performed at Washington University in St. Louis has shown that clEAR makes people more confident in their abilities to recognize the words during conversation. You won’t need to avoid certain situations just because you are worried about how well you will be able to hear.

  • Stay Active and Involved in Your World

    Research performed at Johns Hopkins University has shown that untreated hearing loss is associated with increased cognitive decline and dementia. Hearing loss also can lead to social isolation and depression. With clEAR, you exercise your brain and hone specific skills, such as memory and your ability to pay attention. There’s no reason to withdraw from your world because of untreated hearing loss.

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