HHP Benefits
  • Efficient and Enhanced Client Care

    clEAR offers efficient and successful aural rehabilitation that your clients will enjoy using. By becoming more involved in their aural rehabilitation processes and offering them something brand new in the industry, you can serve your clients more effectively and differentiate yourself from traditional hearing aid dispensers.

  • Personalized Service

    The unique feedback that clEAR offers for each game will allow you to monitor and make appropriate suggestions concerning your clients’ training sessions and needs. Additionally, clients can track their own learning processes with the ability to earn clEAR Coins.

  • Growing Connections

    With clEAR, the family, friends, and colleagues of clients can become involved in the aural rehabilitation process as Frequent Communication Partners (FCPs), allowing you to make bonds with the most important people in your clients’ lives. Additionally, working with loved ones will allow clients to feel more comfortable and confident when working with you.

  • Client Referrals and clEAR Hearing Healthcare Provider Incentives

    The purpose of clEAR is to bring the benefits of auditory brain training to as many people as possible. clEAR recognizes that clinician-guided computerized auditory brain training will provide the highest level of success attainable. Log in to become a clEAR Hearing Healthcare Provider and learn more.

  • clEAR Outcome Measures

    On your clEAR Hearing Healthcare Provider page you can access audio recordings that can be used to measure your patients’ word and sentence recognition abilities in quiet and in noise, before and after training. See the “Resources for My Office” tab.

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