FCP Benefits
  • Help Your Loved One or Friend

    By recording clEAR auditory brain training stimuli, you allow your friend or loved one with hearing loss to practice listening to your speech. This process allows people with hearing loss to train for conversational improvement with the most important people in their lives.

  • Practice Speaking Clearly

    As you record the training items, you will learn to speak with clear speech that emphasizes good enunciation. By practicing good speaking behavior, you will learn to optimize your speech so a person with hearing loss will be more likely to understand what you say.

  • Improve Your Everyday Communication

    If someone with hearing loss learns to understand your speech, everyday communication with that person will be easier with fewer communication breakdowns. Your friends and loved ones can practice really understanding what you say.

  • Get Involved

    Show your friends and loved ones that you’re invested in their aural rehabilitation journey by getting involved in the training process. Show that you care about your relationship with someone with hearing loss by taking the necessary steps to improve their comprehension of your speech.

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