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About the clEAR Team
  • Nancy Tye Murray, PhD

    Dr. Tye Murray is a Professor of Audiology at Washington University in St. Louis. clEAR is the culmination of her thirty years of research aimed at helping people with hearing loss to better understand the spoken word. In her early career, she developed one of the first aural rehabilitation programs for new cochlear implant users and her computerized auditory and speechreading training programs were used for many years at the University of Iowa Hospitals Cochlear Implant Program. She went on to serve as Director of Research at Central Institute for the Deaf, which at the time was the world's leading research institution for hearing-related research. She has spent the last ten years developing the science and conducting the research that forms the basis of the clEAR auditory brain training games.

  • Brent Spehar, PhD

    Dr. Spehar is an audiologist research scientist at Washington University in St. Louis. He created the laboratory version of the clEAR games and was a co-investigator with Dr. Tye Murray on the research that has established the efficacy and effectiveness of the clEAR training. Dr. Spehar is also an experienced audiologist and an aural rehabilitation specialist.

  • Steven Tye

    Mr. Tye is a former investment banker and has created several web-based services and businesses and is a Principal with Blackwood Holdings in Orlando, Florida. clEAR is one of several sites he has created to enhance the health of users.

  • Tad Zelski

    Mr. Zelski was formerly the Director of Professional Development at Widex Hearing Aid Manufacturing, in which capacity he helped audiological practices develop service delivery models. Previously, he was a sales representative for Widex and owned a chain of hearing aid dealerships on the East Coast. Mr. Zelski has long been a strong advocate for providing auditory brain training to new hearing aid users, to people who aren't quite ready for hearing aids, and to experienced hearing aid users who would like to hone their listening skills and their brain's ability to process speech.

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