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clEAR auditory brain training was created by clEAR, LLC (henceforth “clEAR” or “we”). Your privacy is important to clEAR, and the following Privacy Policy outlines the measures taken to protect clEAR users. This privacy policy is part of our overarching Terms of Service, which can be accessed here. By using this site, you agree to this Privacy Policy.

Required Information:

To access the general clEAR website, we do not ask you to provide any personal information. To create a clEAR account, we ask for a variety of personal information that differs based on the type of account that you are creating.

  • For a subscriber account or a frequent communication partner (“FCP”) account, your full name, email, a username and a password are mandatory.
  • For hearing healthcare professional accounts, your full name, email, clinic address, and a password are mandatory, as well as certain IRS Reporting documentation, including a W-9 “Request for Taxpayer Identification Number and Certification” required for use in clEAR’s filing of Form 1099- Misc & Independent Contractor annually.

For each type of account, you may provide optional additional information to better your user experience. If you are a provider, you are also free to upload a profile picture, if you so choose. If you seek a subscription, payment information will be mandatory. An explanation for the importance of this information and why it may be helpful can be found in this privacy policy.

You are responsible for maintaining your username and password and keeping this information secret. If users or their usernames exhibit inappropriate language or impersonate another user, clEAR may terminate such accounts.

We also receive information about your performance on clEAR games, as well as data concerning how often and for how long you play. This information will be shared with your hearing healthcare professional but will otherwise be kept confidential.

Using a computer to access the clEAR website may provide the company with information about that computer’s IP address and operating system, your browser type, the dates and times of your visit, and any other available information. We do not share this information with third party sites.

Using Your Information:

We use the information that you provide to ensure that you have a customized experience while using our site. Collecting information about you allows us to process your transactions, contact you with information about your account, and send you important email correspondence. This also allows us to connect clEAR users with hearing healthcare professionals nearby. We can monitor your performance on clEAR games over time and share your performance with your hearing healthcare professional. We strive to uphold the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) by being HIPAA compliant, as protecting your online health information is important to clEAR.

Sharing Your Information:

We do not share your information with any third party sites for marketing purposes. We may share some of your information with third party sites or service providers to process your transactions or to perform other mandatory services.

Editing Your Information:

Your personal information can be edited by logging in to your clEAR account. We aim to make it easy for users to update their addresses, emails, phone numbers, and other important information. You may also delete any information from your profile that is not mandatory.

Legal Disclaimer:

clEAR may disclose personal information at the request of governmental or law enforcement agencies to defend against legal claims or to fulfill any legally enforceable requests.


Your information is stored on a secure network. This information is only shared as necessary. We also offer a secure server for purchasing clEAR services.

Change Policy:

We may update our Privacy Policy as the company deems necessary. Users receive notice of any impending changes before they are applied, either by email or through the clEAR messaging service. Continued use of the clEAR site and services after changes have been implemented indicates a user’s acceptance of said changes. Any changes in our policy will only apply to data and information collected after the most recently applied policy change.

Contact Information:

For any requests or questions, please contact clEAR from the Contact Us page found here. We’ll be happy to get back to you shortly.

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